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The company completed the application for Dunbai Code in August 2011

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     Shanghai Aike Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. has completed the application for Dunbai Code, which is 527402841.
News Background
Dunbai Company (abbreviated as Dunbai's) of the United States (New York Stock Exchange Code: DNB), is a world-renowned business information service organization.
Since its establishment in 1841, Dunbai has been committed to providing customers with the most authoritative business information, tools and professional experience to help customers make confident business decisions. The history of Dunbai Company covers almost the whole history of American enterprise credit management. More proud of Dunbai is that as many as four former US presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, have served in Dunbai successively.
A large number of first-class management and professional personnel make Deng Baishi absolutely dominant in the market competition. In Fortune magazine's annual ranking of the most respected companies in all industries in the United States, Dunbai ranked first in the business information service industry in 2007 and 2008 for two consecutive years.
As one of the largest business information service organizations in the world, Dunbai has the world's largest business database - Dunbai's global business database.
The database covers more than 140 million pieces of enterprise information and scientifically edits and verifies the raw data collected every day to ensure its quality through Dunbai's unique DUNSRight () process.
Deng Baishi and the world's leading business information providers form a strong alliance, the Dunbaishi Global Network, through which customers can access the world's largest and best business information database.

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