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Company Profile
       After 18 years of focus and innovation, the production scale and technical level of Aike hydraulic has been in the forefront of the domestic hydraulic field, and has become a widely recognized benchmark enterprise in the Chinese hydraulic industry. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, the company has established manufacturing bases in Zhangjiagang and Ningbo.
       AGCO hydraulic has developed from the manufacturing of hydraulic system to a large-scale comprehensive enterprise integrating the design and integration of hydraulic system, the design and manufacturing of backwash filter system, the four roller wipers, hydraulic pumps, valves, cylinders repair and domestic transformation, which is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. The company serves a number of global top 500 enterprises. Products are widely used in metallurgy, stainless steel cold rolling, tunnel machinery, industrial manufacturing and many other industries.
       Shanghai Aike Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to provide customers with efficient hydraulic technology solutions and products, maintain a strong partnership with customers, and lead the development of China's hydraulic industry. We will make more contributions to the sustainable development of society, the construction of green cities and a better future.
Development History  
       In 2002, Shanghai Aike Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
       In 2007, Shanghai Aike Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Branch was established to provide multi-directional zero distance service for Ningbo Baoxin, Ningbo iron and steel and other metallurgical enterprises.
       In 2009, Zhangjiagang branch of Shanghai Aike Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. was established to provide multi-directional zero distance service for metallurgical enterprises such as Jiangsu Shagang, POSCO iron and steel, Jiangyin Xingcheng, etc.
       In 2017, the Zhangjiagang factory of Shanghai Aike was established, and has successively undertaken many large-scale equipment manufacturing and maintenance projects, such as tunnel Co., Ltd., CCCC Tianhe, Beijing Municipal Administration, and Symantec China.
  Corporate Culture
      We are all members of the AGCO hydraulic family. Although we are different in region, culture, language and business, we all need to abide by the values, trust, innovation and cultivation of the enterprise values. Make concerted efforts to maintain the honor of Aike, strive to do more and better, and consolidate the leading position in the industry.
Discover customer needs, bring value to customers, respect and care for customers
Sincere communication, fair treatment, mutual trust, mutual support, to create a comfortable and safe working environment for employees
Keep product advantage, market advantage and enterprise advantage by continuous innovation
Appoint and train excellent talents, keep learning and growing, constantly challenge themselves and create good results
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